Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Conversation on anonymization of court judgments

 So why do you spoil invade people's privacy. I don't mind law students reading about my case but it comes up when anyone googles my name. I've won the case but I just want it private. Why can't you remove it. What do you gain by harassing people who have done you no harm!


 If you have read the blog, you would know that court judgments are in public domain. Courts have done it for a reason as judgments are precedents and open for people to read and scrutinize.

Courts are for common people as well. Not just lawyers or law students.

Court judgments are published by the Court Registrar. I as a legal information provider only re-publish it. And there is no copyright violation there because court judgments don't have copyright.

Hope that helps.


 You don't get it do you Sushant? You are giving me your stock answer...of course court judgements are public. The point is that anyone who googles my name will only see that there "some kind of court case". Nobody will read the detail and although I've done nothing wrong. [snipped]. I will still be maligned. You need to do this more intelligently and sensitively so that public get info without maligning people. You seem intelligent enough but where is your EQ?


 Sorry can't assume myself that smart to take over people's ability to comprehend. That kind of selective filtering very much defeats the purpose of opening up Indian law that I did using Indian Kanoon.

What you mean is that you want to take the easy way out and you cant or wont create a site which gives people what they want without invading their privacy. You then hide behind patriotism which I see continues to be the last refuge of scoundrels. Grow up and see the damage you are causing straightforward innocent people..
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